Rumah Tangga Dari Dalam Kesehatan Kesedihan Ginjal Wanita Banding Untuk N8m Lifestyles-Lin

Rumah Tangga Dari Dalam Kesehatan Kesedihan Ginjal Wanita Banding Untuk N8m Lifestyles-Lin


Every man, every woman on the skin of this earth, has his or her refined put of living, no longer matter how mettlesome, daring and heroic they are.

Indeed, this is a passionate name so that you just can expose your milk of human kindness in you. It is no longer any longer misplaced, it is no longer any longer forgotten, for in accurate truth, nothing is truly misplaced on this earth airplane.

Bear in mind, the explicit, the help and the kindness we perform to others, own techniques of returning help to us in a thousand fold.

Truth is that the unfriendly we furthermore perform to others will ultimately reach help to us, either on this expose existence, or the subsequent.

Bakare Kehinde Ewumi Odunoye , 49, is an indigene of Ota, in Ogun Converse. South-west Nigeria.

Nevertheless, she is at the moment down with kidney failure and she or he wants about N8million to switch for a kidney transplant operation in a single more nation, in picture to halt alive.

This put does no longer allow images. I could perchance well well furthermore own posted her images for the realm to witness.

Her elder sister told this writer on phone, Monday that once her husband, Bakare, stumbled on December final year, that the critical other used to be growing turning into stale and haggard-taking a watch, complaining of all forms of sicknesses, he complained to her elder sister.

Her words: “A name used to be reached to desire her to the Total Sanatorium in Ikeja, Lagos, on January 4, 2020, where sequence of scientific examinations conducted on her printed by the doctors, printed she had kidney failure and wished to shield out kidney transplant in a single more nation. ”

In line with the sister, “at the origin when she used to be taken to the scientific institution, the husband, family people, family people and smartly wishers contributed N51,000 per day, three instances per week for her dialysis”.

On Monday, January 27, 2020, her sister told this writer that her sibling, who used to be no longer admitted to the scientific institution, however attends the scientific institution three instances per week, pays N41,000, per day, on every occasion she comes to the scientific institution.

Calculation reveals that N41,000 instances three days per week interprets to N123,000 per week and N492,000 per month.

Having exhausted their cash, the family of the sick lady is ensuing from this truth nice looking passionately to public appealing folks, groups, companies and govt agencies to reach help to the help of Bakare Kehinde, as she used to be told by the doctors that she wants N8million s to stir in a single more nation for a kidney transplant.

Listed below are the non-public particulars of the sick lady.


Bank: Guaranty Believe Bank

Account No: 0558885507

Tel No: 08104372280


Elder sister’s Tel No;


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